Sunday, October 3, 2010

Reid Has Tough Week Ahead

When Reid made the decision to bench Kevin Kolb in favor of Michael Vick, he sat at the podium and said he didn’t mind being the made guy, and was paid to make the tough decisions.

Well after the way this football team played against Washington, he should get ready to make a lot more.

He already began to answer some questions, but what happened at the end of the first half was such typical Andy Reid clock management is was nauseating. Only Reid could manage to get a delay of game out of a time out, following a challenge that took so long it had Joe Buck questioning the time it was taking. Reid said after that game that the ball was moved back, and when he got no explanation as to why, he had to pick a new play. I find it hard to believe that a play that is designed to get inches in dramatically different then a little under a yard. Donovan caught a lot of flack during his time here for his 2 minute drive, but I think today we found out that it was 100% Reid that was behind those lazy efforts within 2 minutes. Reid should get ready to face tough criticism all week about what happened.

Next on Reid’s plate is going to be what to do about the quarterback situation. Reid better hope that Michael Vick is a quick healer and can play next week. If not, Reid will have a real mess in front of him. There’s no question that Kolb is not the player that Vick is. He showed today that when the heat is on, he eye’s down his receivers to that point that even Troy Aikman could see where he was going from the booth. Kolb was lucky to not have more of this throws intercepted.

Kolb also checked down way to often today, especially when the game was on the line. He needs to know better then to be throwing a ball 6 yards to LeSean McCoy in the middle of the field with time running down and his team needing to score. Kolb showed that his decision making with the ball sill leaves a lot to be desired. Add that to the way he carries the ball in the pocket, and he can be a walking turnover out there.

But with that being said, Kolb still moved this offense at times and kept the team in the game. Kolb was thrown into a nearly impossible situation- down 14 to his former mentor, having already been benched, then having to bring his team back in front of 60,000 people in the stands and 52 on the sideline who don’t believe in you.

However, If it wasn’t for Reid’s poor clock management at the end of the half and McCoy’s fumble late in the game, we could very well be sitting here discussing Kolb bringing this team back. Analysis aside, Kolb still threw for over 200 yards behind one of the worst lines in the NFL. He had close to 80 yards more then Donovan McNabb did.

Next week the Eagles face a 49ers team that is 0-4. What is Reid going to do is Kolb plays well and leads the team to victory? What is Vick misses two weeks, and Kolb plays well enough to win the games he’s in? Kolb excelled in this exact same role last season. What does Reid do then? How can Reid look Kolb in the face and bench him again if he plays well in Vick’s absence?

After Reid figures out his quarterback situation, he needs to take a look at his fellow coaches. Ultimately the players are the ones who are responsible for making plays, but how can Reid ever feel confident his team had a chance to win when two crucial units of your team- offensive line and special teams- continue to cost them games. Bobby April’s unit allowed McNabb to start his first drive inside the Eagles 40 yard line. After the Redskins score, Jorrick Calvin proceeds to bring the ball out 4 yards deep in his own end zone. What is Calvin thinking there? Why is Bobby April’s voice not in his head telling him not to bring it out?

I wrote about it in earlier in the week, but this offensive line is getting to the point that it’s going to end up costing Juan Castillo his job. Better coaches have been fired because their unit simply can not perform. If I had a dollar for every time this offensive line had a stupid penalty that killed a drive, Jayson Werth would be a Phillie next year. It’s getting to the point that you can’t have Jason Peters on the field.

Andy Reid says he doesn’t mind making the hard call. But as this season goes on, and McNabb isn’t here to take any blame, the questions he is faced with are just going to get harder and harder.

Reid created this mess- let’s see if he can get himself out of it.

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